Seller Financing Available:

Rent to Own (i.e. Lease/Option)

Address: 2080 Sheriton Ct.
Loveland, Ohio 45140

Length of Term:

2 years

Purchase Price:


Initial Investment:

$2,900 which applies to the purchase price

Monthly Payment:

$1,245 - $50 discount = $1,195 net

Monthly Pmt that Applies toward the Purchase Price:


Term Details:

The monthly payment will increase by 3% from the current payment on each anniversary date.  The purchase price is locked in for the 1st year.  After the 1st year, each additional month the purchase price will increase by 1/4 of 1% (i.e. totals 3% a year).  Since property normally appreciates in the Cincinnati Area at between 3%-5% (usually more in popular areas like Loveland/Goshen), we are leaving much of the appreciation on the table for you and yet encouraging you to purchase the home sooner versus later.