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Having trouble selling one of your listings?

Do you have a difficult listing?, an estate or foreclosure situation that you need solved fast?, a client that has a gorgeous home with no equity that they can't afford to sell?, a property that needs so much work that buyers slow down their car to 30 miles an hr. before the hit the accelerator and drive on by?  You get the picture.  We can often help when other just say "no thanks" and get you paid in the process.
Please familiarize yourself with the information located in the Sellers section of our website so you understand more about the different ways that we can purchase your client's property.
Once you have done so, take a few moments and complete the Realtors Survey so that we will have the information we need to help serve you and your clients as quickly as possible.  And don't forget to request a copy of our Special Report that describes in detail how KeyNote Property has successfully worked with other Realtors in solving their toughest listed properties.