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The benefits you will achieve will depend partially on which of the Solutions you select.

Is your property currently listed or are you thinking about listing your property?  Look at the Comparison between Selling your home to KeyNote Property versus a traditional Sale via a listing.

Below is a list of common benefits that you will achieve no matter which solution you choose:

  • Quick closing.  We can and typically do close in a matter of days not months!

  • Debt Relief.  If you need to sell your home so you can move on with life and stop worrying about mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, maintenance and all the other headaches that can be associated with owning a property.

  • NO more showings.  Tired of all the phone calls, talking to would-be buyers, real estate agents, nosy neighbors.  And after all the time and expense they don't show up for the appointment and you've wasted more of your time.

  • NO more marketing expense.  Signs in the yard, ads in the paper, cost and time to produce fliers.

  • Fast.  Did we say that already.  Let's say it again.  Debt relief NOW not later!

  • NO Commissions. We do not charge any commissions when we buy your home.

  • NO fix up.  We can purchase your property in AS IS condition.  No need for you to do anything.  We can take care of all the cleanup and repairs necessary to bring the property back to market.

  • No more maintenance or repairs.  If your tired of taking care of the property what a relief it will be when it is our problem and not yours!

  • Confidential and Professional.  When KeyNote Property says we are going to do something, we do.  Period.