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Comparison of Listing your home vs. Selling it to us

Let's compare attempting to sell your home via the traditional path of listing it with a realtor versus the Keynote Property solution, selling it to us NOW!

List Home with a Realtor

Sell to KeyNote Property

Requires you to sign a Listing Agreement agreeing to the Realtor's fees and conditions. No Listing Agreement needed! We are the buyer and there are no intermediaries requiring an extra share of the sale price.
You remain responsible for the home's maintenance, yard work, ensuring the home is ready to be viewed,  and continued outlay of money. Keynote takes over all maintenance, yard work, cleaning, and expense of ensuring the house is in tip top shape when prospective buyers tour the home.
You can't move until the home is sold or else you must pay for two homes until your old home is sold. Your home is sold now!  You can move when you want.
Charges a sales commission, typically 6-7% of the sale price. Keynote requires no fees or commissions!
Requires Time Consuming House Showings while you are in the home.  You have to maintain your home in pristine condition in case someone drops by to see the home.  You must adjust your schedule to meet the buyer's ! You won’t have to show your home anymore.  On the average, we show your home less than 4 times, nearly always after you’ve moved out.  We find qualified, motivated resident/buyers for your home.
Weeks / months waiting for a buyer to make an offer then qualify for a loan. Keynote will buy your home now!  You gain the peace of mind that you can move on to living the rest of your life.
Charges typical closing costs including  the necessity of paying for Surveys, Title Insurance, Deed Preparation, Courier Fees, Recording Fees, etc. You’ll save money versus selling via a listing.  How much will depend on which solution you chose. With some solutions Keynote pays for everything and you can sell your home without it costing you a dime!
Can not guarantee when your home will sell.  You continue to make the monthly mortgage payment MONTH AFTER MONTH! We can  close within 7 days.  Keynote takes over responsibility for making the monthly payments as of an agreed upon date which will give you debt relief quicker.
You continue to pay the utility bills and real estate taxes. Keynote assumes responsibility for both utility bills and real estate taxes.
While you are waiting for the Realtor to find a buyer, you're typically paying out thousands of dollars in expenses for your  old home. Keynote saves you thousands of dollars by eliminating the typical waiting period before a Realtor can complete a deal with a buyer.
Adds your home to the long list of other homes the Realtor also has listed. Keynote will buy your home now.  There is no need for you to find a buyer!  We ARE your buyer!