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Do you feel like your home is weighing you down?  Need a quick solution but don't know where to turn?  You've come to the right place.  Read on for more details...and fill out our Seller's Survey so we can get back with you with a timely solution.

Are you in one of the following situations:
  • Property needs a lot of repairs or updating
  • Facing Foreclosure
  • Behind in Payments, owe back property taxes, etc.
  • Need to sell home to free up equity in order to purchase your next home or for some other reason where you need access to your equity.
What do all these situations, have in common?

Cash.  They all need to be solved with a lot of Cash.

  • Cash to fix-up the property so that it can be brought to market.  
  • Cash to bring the payments current.
  • Cash to purchase your home so you can free up your equity.
What are the benefits of selling my property to KeyNote Property for cash?
  • Quick closing.  We can close in a matter of days not months!
  • Debt Relief.  If you need to sell your home so you can move on with life and stop worrying about mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, maintenance and all the other headaches that can be associated with owning a property.
  • NO more showings.  Tired of all the phone calls, talking to would-be buyers, real estate agents, nosy neighbors.  And after all the time and expense they don't show up for the appointment and you've wasted more of your time.
  • NO more marketing expense.  Signs in the yard, ads in the paper, cost and time to produce fliers.
  • Fast.  Did we say that already.  Let's say it again.  Debt relief NOW not later!
  • NO Commissions. We do not charge any commissions when we buy your home.
  • NO fix up.  We can purchase your property in AS IS condition.  No need for you to do anything.  We can take care of all the cleanup and repairs necessary to bring the property back to market
  • No more maintenance, repairs, or Tenants.  If your tired of taking care of the property what a relief it will be when it is our problem and not yours!
  • Confidential and Professional.  When KeyNote Property says we are going to do something, we do.  Period.
Are there situations when KeyNote Property can't help?

Yes.  Sometimes the numbers just don't make sense.  That will be determined by taking a look at the following about the home:

  • Physical Condition
  • Details of the existing Financing
  • Value of the home as determined by looking at comparable sales
  • Status of payments due on the home (mortgage, taxes, etc.)
  • Liens on the property vs. value of home

We can typically tell you whether we will be able to help you or not after a couple minutes on the phone discussion the details of your situation.  Call us today at (513) 396-SALE for a free consultation! Or if you prefer it is often most helpful and efficient to first fill out our Seller's Survey so we can get back with you with a timely solution

When will a cash sale work and when will it probably NOT...

If your home is in excellent condition and all of the financials relating to the home are current, we can buy your home FAST with no hassles for cash or terms!  If that is your situation, check out the Great Condition section of our website for more details on how KeyNote Property can purchase your home.

If your home is in great condition AND you MUST have a full price cash sale, we probably won't be able help you.  Why?  Because remember that we are purchasing your home for business reasons only.  We won't be moving into the property and calling it "home".  Thus, we must take into account the following "costs":

  • Purchase costs - such as closing costs, title search, appraisal fees, surveys, recording fees, etc.
  • Holding costs until we resell the home - that includes mortgage, taxes, insurance, and repairs or updating that is needed, and utilities.
  • Marketing costs
  • Sale costs - expenses which may be incurred to complete the sale of the home (similar costs to those mentioned above during our purchase.
  • Time & Effort - This is how we make our living.  So the cost of our time and effort to buy and resell the home which is how we support our family, pay the groceries, and so on.

When you add up all these costs, a full price offer which makes sense to you probably won't make sense to us or vice-versa.  If this is your situation, and the solutions presented in the Great Condition section of our website don't make sense to you, then you may want to try one of the other solutions below:

  • For Sale by Owner - Try 1st to sell the home yourself if you have the time, energy, and money to do so.
  • Realtor - Contace a realtor to represent the home.  We can suggest a reputable firm in your area if you're unfamiliar with local companies.
  • Pray (this is always a good option and pays you back no matter what) - and hope that your home sells in the time frame you need and for the price that you have to have.

If you aren't successful in getting your home sold, please feel free to contact us and if we can help you by purchasing your home, we will tell you so in a professional, conscientious, and sincere fashion.