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"How to See a Property for Sale"

Below is a process which we have found to be the most effective way to get you the information you need.  Please do the following:

  1. Please complete our Buyer's information survey so we can qualify you for one of our homes as soon as possible.  Either we can get the information from you via this survey form or if you prefer directly on the phone in step 2...
  2. If you have additional questions that you feel you need answered immediately, please contact us either by phone at (513) 396-SALE (7253) or via email.
  3. Print out the Property information page which has the directions to the property and/or use the MapQuest site to print out a map to the property.
  4. Drive by the property and check out the area and the exterior of the home.  If we have told you that the home is unoccupied, feel free to look through the windows.  Typically there will be an information sheet in a container attached to a sign in the yard.  Grab one (Suitable for framing...).
  5. You LOVE the property and want to see it as soon as possible!
  6. Contact us either by phone at (513) 396-SALE (7253) or via email.  We will schedule a time to show you this beautiful home as soon as possible.  If the home is unoccupied and we know when you will be viewing the home, what car you will be driving and have your  Buyer's information survey on file, we may allow you to see the home without having to meet you at the property.  Call us to find out!
  7. Pickup an Application --> Additional information about the home and an application to purchase will be left on the kitchen counter.  If your interested in purchasing the home, pick one up.
  8. Send Report - Of course you have questions about how our "Rent to Own" program works.  To request this report that explains the ins/outs of the Seller financing we are providing for you click here.
  9. For more information about how to apply for and purchase one of our beautiful homes, click here.

We look forward to meeting you in person and in selling you the home of your dreams!